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From the author of Mastering the Marquess comes another blazingly provocative Regency romance! Revenge may be a dish best served cold, but in this clash of wills, lust is a feast for the senses.

After her dreams of wedding bells are dashed by a man she thought had serious intentions, Miss Angela Ripon must be satisfied. She plans to make him burn for her, and then to reject him as he rejected her. There’s only one woman who can teach Angela that sort of seduction: Madame Rouge—or Ruby, to the men who frequent her house of pleasure. The infamous madam agrees to help, but only after warning Angela that her target has very specific tastes. To trap her prey, she must shed every last inhibition.

Matthew Harkness, Earl of Colton, doesn’t mean to hurt the young admirers who flock to him. He simply isn’t interested in women who are too timid for his dark desires. He judged Angela to be like the others—tender, sweet, and innocent. So how to explain the change that has come over her? Matthew aches to teach Angela all he knows of earthly pleasures. But even as she offers the control he craves, perhaps this angelic beauty has a lesson or two to teach him.



Eloisa James meets E. L. James in Lavinia Kent’s deeply sensual Regency romance! Torn between duty and desire, London’s most infamous madam fights for a future with the love of her life: an insatiable, ruggedly charming American sailor.

Emma Scanton’s grandfather wants her to marry. Though he means well, he has no idea that his sweet, shy granddaughter leads a double life as the proprietress of Madame Rouge’s. “Ruby” doesn’t mean to disappoint her family—in fact, there’s quite a bit about the job she would gladly leave behind—but she cannot bear the thought of losing her most beloved admirer: Captain Derek Price. What would she do without his muscular arms encircling her waist or his rough chin scraping her cheek? No, marriage is out of the question, for Ruby and for Emma.

Beckoned back to England to assume his role as heir to the family fortune, Derek will soon enter into a suitable marriage. But not without one last visit to see Madame Rouge. During the long months away, Derek could only think of Ruby: her luscious lips and cobalt eyes, the swell of her breasts against the bodice of her gown. Derek’s rich, attractive fiancée, selected for him by his family, is perfectly lovely. But Derek wants the ravenous, ravishing Ruby . . . for far more than one night.

Ravishing Ruby is intended for mature audiences.



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Ravishing Ruby






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"Kent has very strongly established herself as a writer of sensual and steamy Regency romance."

Libromancer's Apprentice on Ravishing Ruby
"A quick read but a highly enjoyable one that had just the right amount of angst and emotion, as well as a few fun twists."

The Romance Factor on Ravishing Ruby
"Kent’s lively prose keeps the reader drawn in from start to finish. A well-paced period tale that has a great balance of porn and plot."

Library Journal on Mastering the Marquess
"There really is nothing like a good historical romance, and Lavinia Kent has written a story so bewitching I tore through it beginning to end."

The Book Cellar on Mastering the Marquess
"I definitely see why Lavinia Kent is a master of her craft. MASTERING THE MARQUESS was a pleasure to read and I completely recommend it!"

Tangled Heart Book Reviews on Mastering the Marquess
"Kent does an excellent job mixing romance, mystery and history, keeping her readers enthralled with plot twists and revelations. Another winner!"

RT Book Reviews on What a Duke Wants
"This story was intriguing from the very start and I read it in a heartbeat. For every line I read I wanted to find out how will this play out between former lovers that obviously didn’t need much to rekindle their passion."

Collector of Book Boyfriends on Sarah's Surrender
"This is the first time reading this author and I want to read more. First of all, this is a Hot Steamy Erotic Historical Romance, I didn’t know they did stuff like that back then. I felt like the writing was awesome and the story line was fantastic.”

Diana's Book Reviews on Sarah's Surrender
"I was captivated by every page of A Talent For Sin by Lavinia Kent, a masterfully written book that brims with style and vitality. Anyone who loves the romance genre should treat themselves to the spectacular work of Lavinia Kent—it is a sexy and emotional experience that will sweep you off your feet!”

Lisa Kleypas, New York Times Bestselling Author, on A Talent For Sin
"Kent's fantastic debut immediately captures your attention with its sensual and delightfully humorous yet poignant story.”

RT Book Reviews on A Talent For Sin
"Taken by Desire gripped me, and I applaud Lavinia Kent for leaving the more well-trodden paths of historical romance in more than one respect.”

All About Romance on Taken by Desire
"Smokin’ hot. That’s how the sex was in this one…smokin’ hot! Ruby and Derek could not get enough of each other, and I couldn’t get enough of them!”

Bassass Book Reviews on Revealing Ruby
"A refined, sophisticated and tasteful historical romance . . . The mood is very seductive but still playful, and the sex scenes are scorching hot. . . . Revealing Ruby is superbly written, moves along quickly; it's a very enjoyable read.”

Fresh Fiction on Revealing Ruby
"I REALLY enjoyed Bound By Bliss...tastefully written, with a solid plot.”

Cara's Book Boudoir on Bound By Bliss
"Kent hits the mark with a pure romance, allowing nothing to take away from the heated sensuality between the hero and heroine. Even the search for a missing sister doesn't detract from the sizzling conflict. Readers will applaud her mature characters, whose adult love story is simultaneously delightful and sexy.”

RT Book Reviews on Bound By Temptation



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